Hi there! I'm a mermaid living in the San Francisco Bay. I believe in education and entertainment for kids and adults alike. I hope to spread the love of the ocean I have to everyone I meet!


Read a little more about me and I'd love to hear from you about your event! I'm available for both kid's and adult events!

Looking forward to meeting you!

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I believe learning about our world is the first step towards becoming stewards of the planet. I love to share what I know with everyone and regularly post fun tidbits called Fish Facts on my Instagram as well as create videos to help everyone learn about our beautiful oceans!


First and foremost is fun! I work hard to make my appearances memorable and enjoyable for anyone I meet. Either through various activities at parties or just a fun story, my goal is to make an impression! I also try to work in a little learning into every appearance. I believe the more we learn about the ocean and all its beautiful creatures, the more we appreciate them.



I enjoy instilling a sense of protection of the ocean and the environment in general inside everyone I meet! I enjoy hosting beach clean ups and other efforts to beautify our world. In addition, a portion of anything I charge for an appearance goes towards local aquariums and conservation efforts. Check out my Instagram for #mermaideducation and #fishfacts!

I have been involved in childcare, both children's and adult entertainment and the ocean itself since I was young. I have multiple years experience, both volunteer and professionally in every aspect of what I do. I am also CPR/First-aid/Lifeguard trained and I love to bring smiles and special memories to anyone I meet! Meeting a mermaid should always be a fun, safe, and (hopefully) life-changing moment! I hope to bring a little magic to your party or event.

I am available for both wet and dry events. We can talk about the needs of your particular event and come up with something that works for us!

I would also love to work with your non-profit, conservation group, or aquarium!

Hope to hear from you soon!


Make your event memorable with Nima! E-mail me through this form, or contact me on social media!

I am located in San Jose, CA and able to travel. Certain distances may incur extra travel costs.

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